who are we

We are a homegrown premium cookie brand that is dedicated to the art of baking with natural ingredients. Our flourless oatmeal cookies are freshly baked and we are committed to bring natural goodness in every cookie.

The art of baking is to fill the dough
with natural ingredients, thoughts of wellness
and gift from the heart.



Our cookies are based on Oats. Oats are wheat-free and is a great source of various antioxidants, fibre, minerals and vitamins, more than often benefitting the circulatory and digestive system.

Breaking the misconception that healthy foods are less savoury, we aim to elevate our consumer's sensory experience with our wide selection of Oatkie flavours. Freshly baked and using only natural ingredients, it is a wholesome experience enhanced by the richness of every Oatkie.

Lastly, we do not use flour.